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Covington and Milan, TN Host Lone Star Rodeos


Two-year-old Mattie Boyd on her pony Yoda at the Lone Star Rodeo in Covington, TN June 14.

Saddle bronc action at the Covington Lone Star Rodeo
By Tommy Brannon

The Lone Star Rodeo Company of Crofton, KY produced two rodeos in West Tennessee in June-one in Milan on May 31- June 1, and another in Covington June 13-14. Both rodeos accumulated point standings for competitors in Lone Star’s 2013 tour, throughout the Mid-South and Mid-West.

 Both rodeos were also fundraisers to benefit charities. The Carl Perkins Center Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was the beneficiary of the rodeo in Milan and the Covington rodeo benefited the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hatchie River Region. Almost all of the rodeos produced by Lone Star Rodeo Company are fundraisers for charity.

Spectators were entertained with some good-natured banter and corny humor between rodeo announcer Matt McGee and rodeo funny man Mike Wentworth. Trick rider Jessica Blair showed the audience how to ride double. That’s not two-to-a-mule double, but Roman riding double, full speed around the arena standing on her pair of grays, bending around lit torches and jumping over fire. The crowd was impressed. Also impressive was five-year-old Oralee Madison doing some trick riding of her own accompanying Jessica in the arena.  Oralee performed some great tricks, including standing up on the saddle and sitting on her full-sized horse’s neck facing backwards and rotating back into the seat.  She also carried the flag at the opening ceremony on her horse and competed in the barrel race on her pony; she’s lots of talent and grit in a small package.

 Over $6500 was awarded in prize money with the top winnings going to barrel racer Laurie Cooper from Humboldt, TN. David Gordon, the mayor of Covington and spokesman for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Hatchie River Region, said that the rodeo was a great family event for Covington and helped a very good cause. He said current plans are to bring the rodeo back next June.

 For more information on the Hatchie River Boys and Girls Clubs, visit their facebook page        
Photo cutlines:
DSC_0099: Two-year-old Mattie Boyd on her pony Yoda at the Lone Star Rodeo in Covington, TN June 14.
DSC_0115: Saddle bronc action at the Covington Lone Star Rodeo

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