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Brandon Branstetter Wins Paso Fino Championship


It is obvious that 13-year-old Brandon Branstetter, shown riding 4-year-old Paso Fino Directa BF, sure has a love for the horses, and for his trainer Juan Carlos Conde. Brandon looks forward to every summer when he can ride and learn from Juan Carlos.  

In the first week of June, the Branstetters took three horses to show at the Germantown Charity Horse Show (GCHS) – (the Paso Fino classes were a first for the GCHS this year). Brandon’s parents agreed that Brandon could ride in the Amateur Owner class against his father.  And if he should happen to place better than trainer Juan Carlos when he rode, then they would also let Brandon ride in the Championship class.  

As it turned out, Brandon won his class and Juan Carlos got third, so Brandon was in the irons as Juan Carlos walked the arena rail coaching his little shadow. 

Saturday night’s classes were the Championship classes. The Branstetters and Timbs battled for the win in Saturday night’s $1,500 Paso Fino Performance Championship. The Championship class had ten entries; some were ridden by trainers, some by judges, and some were riding horses that had already won a National Championship.  When the class was pinned, it was Directa BF, Brandon Branstetter riding, who was Champion horse for Tommy & Linda Branstetter. Norman Timbs was Reserve on El Valeroso de LM, and the Timbs’ horse Sonadora de la Quebrada, Johnny O'Havier riding, was third.

What a thrill this was for Brandon and his family! Brandon said that it was fun and he can hardly wait until next year!  The family gives a big thanks to Juan Carlos Conde for his training.

Saturday evening’s $1,500 Paso Fino Classic Fino Champion was Privilegio de Quisqueya, ridden by Roberta Burns.

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