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Finish Line Farms Equine Spa


Coco enjoys her spa treatment.
by: Tootie Trouy         

Widely popular, spas provide a place for people to relax, unwind and soothe their bodies. Therefore, it would only seem appropriate that we should desire the same treatment for our beloved horses. After using the S Bar S EquiSpa mobile unit in Mississippi on a monthly basis and seeing amazing results in their own horses, Cassie and Josh Morton of Jackson, TN knew they wanted to bring the Spa treatment closer to home. “We wanted to be able to spa our horses on a more frequent basis and offer the service to other people who live in our area at a time that was convenient for them,” explained Cassie.

So, in late April of this year, the Mortons opened their doors, barn doors that is, as Finish Line Farms, offering the latest in equine hydrotherapy, an ECB Equine Spa. According to Morton: “The ECB Equine Spa is a self-contained unit holding 530 gal of saltwater. ECB Spa solution is maintained between 35-38 degrees to minimize heat and inflammation. The ECB salt solution acts as a hypertonic poultice as well as having a natural healing effect on wounds. The water has Epsom salt, Salts from the Dead Sea and PDV salt. Water density increases with salt concentration, which in turn increases pressure to aid fluid and waste dispersal. Water aeration has a massaging effect on the leg and increases the dissolved oxygen content of the spa solution. The depth of the water is proportional to the pressure exerted on the leg which aids fluid and waste dispersal; this can be varied according to position and severity of injury. Water at temperatures below 48F has a higher ability to carry oxygen and with the ECB solution also being aerated, the oxygen content is increased dramatically. It is believed that the Spa has similar effects on internal leg injuries to the use of hyperbaric chambers in humans; and with topical wounds, re-oxygenation allows phagocytosis (the engulfing and ingesting of foreign particles or waste matter by specialized cells) and other natural defense mechanisms to intensify in their therapy. With water hygiene levels continually being maintained with a combination of fine filtration, chlorination, cold water and salt, the ECB Spa allows thousands of successive treatments. These same factors not only prevent further micro-biological infections but actually help treat any pre-existing conditions.”

Performance horses, no matter their discipline, go through strenuous work, putting stress on their bodies and unfortunately, sometimes injuries result.  Morton explains, “Cold salt hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injures. The temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. The drug free therapy can be used to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training. It can be used for all forms of lower leg inflammation associated with injury such as tendonitis, arthritis, shin splints, bursitis, hoof injuries or abscesses. By regular use of cold therapy many of the stressors within tissues are removed before inflammation develops. Cold also significantly improves surface bone density reducing the opportunity for bone stress related injuries to commence.”  Also, for horses that have injuries requiring multiple treatments, Finish Line Farms offers stalling for extended stay.

Since beginning to offer the spa service to the public, Finish Line Farms has had many clients who, after spa sessions, have seen massive improvements in their horses performance and overall health. The treatment has even proved successful on a canine client. An Australian shepherd named Case had broken his leg. After having his cast removed, he wasn't using the leg. A few rounds in the equine spa was all it took to get him using his leg again. For more information or to schedule a spa session, visit or call Cassie Morton 731-441-8925 or Josh Morton 731-431-7496.

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