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Book Review: Horse Crazy! by Jessie Haas


Review by Leigh Ballard

What a wonderful little book for kids who love horses! The subtitle reads: “1001 Fun Facts, Craft Projects, Games, Activities, and Know-How for Horse Loving Kids,” and that is a very apt description. The pages are filled with horse trivia and lore from all equine realms: art, history, movies, literature and more. The book is cleverly divided into sections called “In the Know,” “In the Saddle,” “In the Spotlight,” and “The Tail End.” Each section has a strong focus, such as history, care, or showing/competing, but all the sections have a very broad range of information within their focus.

Readers learn about things as widely variable as how to incorporate your horse in school projects, disaster relief for horses, clicker training, wagon trains, and the benefits of therapeutic riding. Readers can read about giving treats safely, how to make healthy cookie treats, and what herbs have medicinal properties for horses. The histories of race horses, champions of many disciplines, vocabulary lists of horse lingo, and rules for horse games are part of the fact-filled pages. Many breeds are described, from the ones everyone has heard about to some exotic breeds with whom people might not be so familiar. Has anyone ever heard of the Guoxia or the Pony Moussey? There are also fun facts about horses in history and how they helped shaped it.

For the creative reader, tips and examples of how to write about and how to photograph horses are divulged. There are lots and lots of projects, too. For examples, how to make a pony pillowcase, a wallpaper border for your room, and a horsey gift bag are but a few of the crafty projects. There are also directions for practical skills, like how to tie knots and how to braid manes and tails. And for the horsey bookworm, there are mini book reviews about horse fiction.

This is a great idea book not only for kids, but for parents or club and camp directors who need to keep “horse crazy” kids busy!

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