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Nashoba Carriage Classic


The 14th annual Nashoba Carriage Classic and ADT will return to the Germantown Charity Horse Show grounds October 25-27, 2013.  If you haven't attended this event before, there is a lot to experience! Step back in time to see horses pulling carriages in a three-day competition, which includes all breeds and sizes of equines from minis to drafts. 
On Friday October 25, the show begins at noon with dressage and cones for the Arena Driving Trial, which is a short form of three day eventing in the carriage world called Combined Driving  Event (CDE).  Friday night is the speed portion of the ADT or obstacle driving.  Two obstacles are set up in the arena for horses and ponies to speed through in a prescribed order.  They are judged on time and accuracy. This was a crowd thriller at the Germantown Charity Horse Show. Awards are given for the participants in the ADT with the best combined score in all three phases.
The Nashoba Carriage Classic Pleasure Show begins on Saturday morning October 26 with ring classes: turn-out, reinsmanship, and working classes.  Cones classes, which are performed individually, are a favorite of competitors and allow them to show  off their speed and accuracy. 
Other Nashoba favorites are the dog class and costume class.  The dog class is carriage turn-out with a dog on board. The dog can’t be tied or forced into the carriage.  He must be on his best behavior and look as cute as possible for the judge in order to win a basket of dog cookies as well as a ribbon.  The costume class has turned into a battle of creativity.  Somehow working a horse into your costume takes a little more thought than usual, but Nashoba is up to the task and goes all out to win the coveted award.
Sunday October 27 is Country Pleasure Drive day with a 3-4 km drive through McFadden Woods allowing a stop for refreshments and judging. Lunch and awards presentations round out the weekend.
Spectators are welcome; there is no charge for admission. Food and beverages will be available on the show grounds. Come join Nashoba Carriage folks for an exciting, fun-filled, and delicious weekend!

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