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Nashoba Driving Clinics


Nashoba held its first spring driving clinic of the year at Kimberlin Farms on the Ides of March (15-16), which focused on carriage maintenance. Members gathered at Kimberlin Cafe to hear Ken Daniels and Chrissy Saylor of Carriage Tours of Memphis, and Joe Carter as they demonstrated some important carriage maintenance procedures.

Ken and Joe demonstrated removing the wheels and greasing the bearings. Joe prefers cleaning the mechanism completely of old grease and starting with a fresh application. Ken and Joe explained that this should be done on carriages once a year if they are driven in dusty, gritty conditions. For drivers who stay mainly on roads, this can be done at least once every couple of years, but it is a good idea to check it once a year. Joe also explained what type of maintenance is needed for the fifth wheel.

If dirt builds up inside the wheel mechanisms, it can wear out the brake pads and wear the bearings down. As Joe said, this buildup of dirt also can cause the horse to pull several extra pounds of weight, and it can increase the drag. It also can be a cause of stiff turns. Joe emphasized his point by wiping dust off the seat: “The most important thing you can do is keep your carriage clean!” It is beneficial to watch the process as it really demystifies it and helps drivers know how a carriage is put together.

Nashoba Carriage Association once again is host to a clinic with Sterling Graburn on April 4-6, 2014 at Kimberlin Farms. Sterling competes in both Pleasure and Combined Driving, with singles, pairs, tandems, unicorns, and four-in-hands. Sterling is the trainer at Sweet Dreams Farm in Cynthiana, KY.

Graburn began his driving career in 1977, and entered his first Combined Driving Event in 1979. He participated in his first international event in 1984 as navigator for the four-in-hand of Emil-Bernhard Jung, a member of the American team, at the World Four-in-Hand Championships in Szilvasvarad, Hungary. Sterling has thrice won the FEI Top Driver Award, North American Challenge, Single Horse championship. In April 2012 he won his second USEF National Combined Driving Single Horse National Championship at the Southern Pines Combined Driving Event, driving Ulano, owned by Larry Denny. At the 2013 Kentucky Classic, he drove Wesley at only his second Combined Driving Event, to second place in Intermediate Single Horse. Read more about Graburn at:
Nashoba hosts a Tom O’Carroll Clinic and Arena Driving Trial May 9-11. Tom O'Carroll is another Nashoba favorite, known for his patience, approachability, and teaching drivers to use their hands properly. The Arena Driving Trial with Tom will be on Saturday of the clinic. For more information about Tom O’Carroll, visit:

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