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Southern Run Pony Club News


“The Southern Run Pony Club Dressage Team Challenge, held March 29, 2014 at Mid-South Dressage Academy in Hernando, Mississippi, went really well!” reported Meredith Tipton. “There were seven teams competing, as well as 5 riders who rode individual tests. Overall there were 52 tests ridden that day!” The show was a fundraiser for the Southern Run Pony Club.

The Dressage Team Challenge was a competition arranged to allow riders to compete at a dressage show as a team. Each team consisted of three riders who each performed two tests. At the end of the day, team scores were added together and the highest scoring team won. The winning team was the Training Level Eventing Team from Cedar Wind Farms, followed closely by the Novice Level Eventing Team from River Run Eventing. In addition to the regular dressage tests, several riders rode in a quadrille and two in a pas de deux ridden bareback. “It was a great day!” summarized Meredith.

Southern Run Pony Club also sent four riders to the Spring Bay Horse Trials in Lexington, KY April 5-6, 2014. Sydney Doss and Road Less Traveled finished 7th in Beginner Novice Rider and Lauren Rainwater and Mia finished 9th in Beginner Novice Rider (this was their first show together). Cassidy Doss and One Under Par finished 4th in Novice Rider (this was their first novice level event together). The fourth rider, Julia Hunsberger and her horse Honey Bear, placed 6th after dressage, but, unfortunately were technically eliminated in cross country when they jumped a wrong fence.

Allison Springer is coming to Mid-South Dressage Academy in Hernando, Mississippi for two-day clinic June 13-14. Although the riding spots are full, auditors are welcome! “There are riders coming from Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and it's going to be a huge clinic,” said Meredith. “We hope Allison has a great weekend at the Rolex!”

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