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Johnny Green and The Little Green Man, by Suzan Tyler Decker


In the wake of Earth Day April 22, Susan Tyler Decker’s book weaves an eco-fairytale about recycling.
One day on his way home from school, Johnny falls asleep in a field, only to be awakened by a little green man claiming he is lost from the recycling center. As this story unfolds over the next few days, Johnny realizes he has a huge problem on his hands. Johnny’s journey is to help the little green man get back. In the end Johnny learns a valuable lesson and just what he can do to help save our green earth!

Written for children, Johnny Green and the Little Green Man is Decker’s way of writing to entertain and teach the young, as well as those who read to the young, that recycling is an important and necessary responsibility in helping to keep our earth a clean and green place for all of us to live.

Recommended for children ages 4-8. Published in 2009, second edition published August 2013.
About Author Suzan Tyler Decker:

When Suzan's husband started working as a Recycling Coordinator in New Jersey and then Manager of Solid Waste and Recycling in Virginia, little did she know that 10 years later she would write a book for children about recycling. Writing had always been a passion in her life, and she has written her first book on a subject that affects us all, regardless of age.

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