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Games for Kids on Horseback, by Gabriele Kärcher


Just in time for summer horse camp comes Gabriele Kärcher’s book Games for Kids On Horseback.
Kärcher has a collection of 16 games in this entertaining and safety-conscious book that can provide hours of enjoyment for young riders and their horses.

Whether your ride English or Western, whether your horse is calm and quiet or rather spunky, there are games here for everyone,” Sophia and Krissy write in the introduction. They are the two riders who demonstrate the games. Each game is clearly described and illustrated with sharp color photographs.

The book includes classic games that have been played in 4-H and U. S. Pony Clubs groups for decades: egg-and-spoon, sit-a-buck (at the West Tennessee Pony Club show they call it ride-a-buck), breakaway, and musical chairs. There are ball games, badminton on horseback, musical chairs, bucket brigade, boot race, several varieties of obstacle courses, barrel racing, pole bending, and scavenger hunt. There’s even a section on “composure” – keeping your cool in facing a variety of scary objects.

The games are great ways to build horsemanship and reinforce specific riding skills, such as starting and stopping, mounting and dismounting, balance, and steering—all while having fun with horses and friends.
Recommended for ages 6-10. Published by Trafalgar Square Books.

About the author: Gabrielle Kärcher is a freelance writer, photographer, and former editor of a German horse magazine for children. She was the first to import the American Curly Horse breed to Germany, and is a professional breeder in Germany and the U.S. She lives in Pryor, Montana.

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