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Nashoba Spring Drive


Finally, spring weather came to the mid-south and presented a great opportunity for Nashoba Carriage folks to make the trek to Mrs. Imo Erb’s picturesque dog-trot log cabin, nestled amidst rolling pastures and woodlands in Saulsbury, TN. “We had a wonderful time at Mrs. Erb's cabin in Saulsbury on Saturday,” [April 19] said Brooke Ballenger. The Easter weekend drive was coupled with an egg hunt for the children and plenty of delicious food, drink, and relaxing on the porch to Toof Brown’s banjo music.

“We had seven carriages—Anne Snowden's Haflingers with Walter Foster driving, Bob Martin's Friesians, Uppity and Wanda Chancellor, Honey with Sandy McCormick and Ross Herrin, Downey and Reita Parham, Jocelyn Atkinson's cute pony (and adorable terrier Mr. Wizard), and Mrs. Imogene Erb with Savannah. Geneen O’Bryan joined us on one of her horses under saddle.

“The weather was idyllic,” Brooke continued. “All the drivers did an excellent job and everyone arrived back at the cabin safe and sound. As usual, the food was incredible, and as Kathryn Foster so aptly put it, ‘we had enough to choke an army.’ The sweet potatoes were so good I never made it to the desserts (or, just barely...).”

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