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USPC Midsouth Regional Rallies


By Peppy Wood Butler

On May 10 and 11, 2014 Pony Clubbers from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Illinois made their way to Brownland Farm in Franklin, TN for a wonderful weekend of USPC Midsouth Regional Dressage and Show Jumping Rallies.  Each was held as a 1-Day Rally, so the participants were able to ride in both rallies if they chose. Many even qualified for the upcoming National Championships, July 14-18 at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky, in one or both disciplines.

To an outsider a Rally might look like just another horse show, but there is much more involved on the part of the rider than just riding. Each member, as well as team, is judged on their Horse Management skills as well as their riding tests. This score is taken into account when totaling all scores for the rally, and often makes the difference between placing and not placing. 

Elements included in a Horse Management Score are: cleanliness of tack; cleanliness of your mount, including no scruff in the mane and tail; how you keep your stall and tack room throughout the weekend. Are your boots polished? Does all your tack fit the horse properly and is it safe? Does your horse get cooled out properly and your tack cleaned after the ride? And the list goes on... 

Parents are not allowed in the barns to help. These pony clubbers work as a team to take care of all barn chores, from set up to take down, on their own. There are horse management judges to help if assistance is required and to make sure everything in the barn area is safe. It is great to see the riders taking responsibility for their horses, and they all love the team format. There are very few horse shows where riders get to compete as a team.

DRESSAGE RALLY: 16 teams competed in 3 Divisions. Results are:

Team Awards: First Place Division A
Keenland Pony Club
Saxon Marvin
Leah Massa
Caroline Blitch
Mary Katherine Leveridge
Elizabeth Massa
Team Awards: First Place Division B
Boskydell/Four Rivers Pony Club
Callie Barrett
Katie Brown
Amberlyn Kapusta
Annabelle Staples
Alexa Azar
Team Awards: First Place Division C
West Tennessee Pony Club
Ani Blair
Alana Vogel
Grace Read
Isabell Siegrist
Gretchen Nunnalee
DRESSAGE RALLY Individual first place awards:

Pas De Deux: Nora Goldfarb (C1) riding Tucker and Libby Butler (C2) riding Nello (Middle TN)
Freestyle: 4th Level: Saxon Marvin (C1) riding Royal Ascot (Keeneland)
                  1st Level: Morgan Walli (HB/C2) riding Kindle (Keeneland)
                  Training Level: 1st: Leah Massa (D3) riding Danny (Keeneland)
Individuals (1st place per test)
Kylee Grace Smith (D1) riding Never Say Never (Peachtree) D1 test
Meredith Denton (D2) riding Noir (Rolling Hills) D2 test
Annabelle Staples (C1) riding Fancy (Boskydell) Training test
Ani Blair (HB) riding Scout (West TN) 1st Level test
Saxon Marvin (C1) riding Royal Ascot (Keeneland) 4th Level test
The Zabenco Memorial Trophy for the Highest Scoring D within the entire Dressage Rally went to Kylee Grace Smith (D1) on Never Say Never (Peachtree)

Horse Management Placementsby Team:
1st: Chattanooga/Keeneland/Middle TN composite team
2nd: Boskydell/Four Rivers composite team
3rd: Boskydell/Rolling Hills/Southern Illinois composite team
4th: Stones River
5th: Peachtree
6th: Stones River second team

There was a special award given in memory of McKenna Johnson from Stones River Pony Club. McKenna had a special bond with her horse and her team mates and was always smiling and had a positive attitude no matter how she felt.  She made us all feel better just by talking to her. 

This is the first year for this award to be presented and Sterling Bishir from Middle Tennessee PC was selected as the recipient of the McKenna Johnson Spirit Award.  Sterling was selected for her work as the stable manager for a composite team – none of whom were from her home club - and she has taken careof them all day - just like McKenna would have done. We gave this award in Dressage Rally because that was “McKenna's thing” according to the people that knew her best.  The McKenna Johnson Spirit Award will be given each year.  The Horse Management staff made the choice, with input from Nancy Smith as the Technical Delegate.
SHOW JUMPING RALLY: 18 team competed in 3 Divisions. Results are:

Team Awards: First Place Horse Management:
Peachtree Riding Center
Zoe Smith
Emma Smith
Stephanie Steele
Makenna St. Claire
Team Awards: First Place Division A:
Keenland Pony Club
Kathleen Moloney
Emma Massa
Isabel Brunker
Caroline Blitch
Corrine Brunker
Team Awards: First Place Division B
Middle Tennessee Pony Club
Aynsley Whitus
Emme Litton
Emma Whitus
Jillian North
Alexa Green
Rachel Volk
Team Awards:  First Place Division C
Keenland Pony Club
Caroline Madden
Ashley Johnson
Elizabeth Massa 
Skye Marvin
Saxon Marvin
Overall High Point Equitation Rider- Libby Butler on Bear
Individual Awards:

Equitation (1st place in each qualifying division):
Shelby Brantley (D3) riding Light My fire (Bluegrass)
Libby Butler (C2) riding Bear (Middle TN)
Madison Blount (C2) riding Randolph (Middle TN)
Caroline Madden (C2) riding Be Grateful (Keeneland)
Fleming Troup (C1) riding Crimson (Huntsville)
Caroline Blitch (D2) riding Dakota (Keeneland)
Grace Read (D3) riding Milo (West TN)
Sydney Woodring (D2) riding Mr. Louie (Huntsville)
The Harry Moore Rhett, Jr. Horse Management Award to the Stable Manager with the highest HM score within the entire Show Jumping Rally went to Makenna St. Clair (D2) (Peachtree)
The Sue Lockhart Memorial Trophy for the Highest Scoring D within the entire Show Jumping Rally went to Audrey DeRossett (D3) riding Casper (Boskydell).
The Jim Murphy Perpetual Trophy to the coach of the Highest Scoring Team within the entire Show Jumping Rally went to the Keeneland A team: Kathleen Moloney (D3), Emma Massa (C1), Isabel Brunker (D3), Caroline Blitch (D2), and Corinne brunker (D2) stable manager.

Individual Placings: (first in each division)
Intro: Annabelle Staples (C1) riding Fancy (Boskydell)
Developing Horse & Rider: Kate Giarrantana (C1) riding Pretty Boy Troy (Middle TN)
Large Pony: Madison Blount (C2) riding Randolph (Middle TN)
Horse 1: Caroline Madden (C2) riding Be Grateful (Keeneland)
Horse 2: Fleming Troup (C1) riding Crimson (Huntsville)
Horse A: Sydney Woodring (D2) riding Mr. Louie (Huntsville)
Pony B: Isabel Brunker (D3) riding Windy Hollow Lilia (Keeneland)
Starter: Audrey DeRossett (D3) riding Casper (Boskydell)

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