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Cubhunting at Chula Homa Hunt


September 20, 2014
By Sue Skipper, MFH

Chula Homa Hunt’s second cub hunt of the season, September, 20, 2014, went extremely well, with great runs and good views. Six guests joined the hunt, four from Baton Rouge, LA and two from Mississippi. Cubbing season is for the training of hounds and young entry in the pack, orienting them to the sport. 

Huntsman Beattie Williams, accompanied by whippers-in Ruth Morgan, Mike Lundrigan, Cam Hightower and Madeline Hall, roaded hounds to the first covert for the cast, as riders followed their fieldmasters.  Chula Homa Hunt offers three flights: Fran Mobley was first and second flight fieldmaster, with Sue Skipper and Ginna McGowan leading the Hilltoppers, or third flight. Mobile whippers-in Cathy Nestler and Kathy Lyell were out on the roads to protect hounds from passing cars.

Hounds were cast in the first covert off Oil Tank Road, where they quickly started speaking and working the line. As the pack steadily pushed the game, Mr. Fox circled several times with hounds crying the line in unison, making a great run of it. This lasted until the final circle, approaching Old Hayfield Pond, when hounds checked and lost the scent. 

Just after the check, as Beattie was just across Old 51 trying to water hounds, third flight had stopped on Oil Tank Road briefly to witness Obama Girl and O’Brien pick up a line just north of the Red Gate.  They crossed Old 51, continuing to give tongue and work the line, as others in the pack joined in. We were all off again!

Huntsman and hounds went northeast to watch, as hounds worked the line between Love’s Creek and North Trail, while whippers-in continued on their appointed sides. Fran Mobley, followed by guest Nikhol Kelley, offered their assistance whipping-in, as Petra Kay helped with third flight, who had paused on Old 51 in case hounds crossed Love’s Creek and headed north.

While moving northeast, experiencedwhippers-in held back slightly, allowing the quarry to remain on the south side of the creek, where hounds continued to give a great chase. The pack steadily moved south to the Moonscape, then toward South Trail, then back toward the Moonscape, and then on to the Power line, ending up on Section Line Road. Here, Beattie, the staff, and one of the guests, Nikhol Kelley, got off their horses, gathering hounds to put in the hound trailer, which had been summoned to take a very hot, tired pack back to their shady holding kennel for water and rest. Susan Williams and Maddie Bennett were ecstatic with excitement to have had such a great vantage point the entire hunt! They rode “in the hip pocket” of the huntsman, galloping and keeping the pack in sight the entire time. 

After the hour and a half run, and relishing the ear-to-ear grins on the riders’ faces, we leisurely rode back to the “Too Cute Clubhouse” to enjoy fun, food and fellowship, reliving the day’s hunt from each rider’s perspective. All had a great time!

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