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Show of Champions


By Lydia Holland

This year’s second annual Show of Champions was rained out on the originally scheduled weekend (October 11, 2014), which may have been a blessing. The show’s “rain date,” October 18, 2014, was a warm, sunny, autumn afternoon at Woodstock-Cuba Saddle Club near Shelby Forest, with the added amenity of having the Blue Angels fly overhead during a portion of the show. The Blue Angels were part of the Memphis Airshow, October 18-19, which took off from the Millington Regional Jetport.

To compete in the Show of Champions, each of the west Tennessee saddle clubs sends their top five riders (in points earned through the show season) from each class to compete. Riders from the host club, Woodstock Cuba Saddle Club (WCSC), competed with riders from Dacus Riding Club, Covington Saddle Club, and Lazy Anchor Saddle Club to see who was the “best of the best.” Ripley Bit N Spur did not send entries this year. Lazy Anchor members had difficulties getting their horses out of the Navy Base Stables because of the air show. The show still had 205 entries in spite of a few setbacks.  

The first Show of Champions in 2013 was hosted by Covington Saddle Club, but also due to rain, was moved to Coyote Run Arena in Mason, TN.  Clubs participating last year were WCSC, Dacus, Covington, Lazy Anchor, and Ripley Bit N Spur. In the future, every club will get a chance to host the Show of Champions, as host clubs are selected at random from a draw from the hat. 

Dacus Riding Club will be the host of the 2015 Show of Champions.  All the member saddle clubs will meet in January to set a date for next year’s show that will, hopefully, work for all so that everyone can participate. The group also encourages other saddle clubs to join. For information about joining, contact Lydia Holland (901-282-9709), VP Woodstock-Cuba Saddle Club. More information is available on the club’s website:

Show of Champions Results

Club Points:
Woodstock Cuba Saddle Club: 333
Covington Saddle Club: 86
Dacus Riding Club: 51
Lazy Anchor: 1

Individual Winners (first place):
Youth Halter (12 & Under): Olivia Morgan with Fuzz Buster (WCSC)
Junior Halter (13-17): Fallon Fogarty with Shine (WCSC)
Open Halter (Quarter type horses): Dianne Abel with Charlie (WCSC)
Gaited Horse Halter: Prudy Jackett with Goose (Covington SC)
Lead In (6 & under) Kaylee Wooten riding Diamond (WCSC)
Senior Walk/Trot (18 & over):  Abel riding Bo (WCSC)
Junior Walk/Trot (17 & under): Bailee Todd on Abby (WCSC)
Buckaroo (8 & under, walk only): Jayden Hoy riding Buffy (Dacus RC)
Country Pleasure: Jack Jennings on Bubbles (Dacus RC)
Pony Horsemanship (12 & under): Alea Munoz on Diamond (WCSC)
Junior Western Pleasure (17 & under): Colin Mattix on Lacy (WCSC)
Senior Western Pleasure (18 & over) Johnny Abel on Bo (WCSC)
Flat Shod Saddle Horse (Open): Prudy Jackett on Nacho (Covington SC)
Lead Line Barrels: Cameron Yarbrough riding King (WCSC)
Speed Racking: Prudy Jackett on Goose (Covington SC)
Speed (8 & under): Layla Holland on Twinkle (WCSC)
Spotted Saddle Horse: Larry Grandberry riding Whiskey (WCSC)
Youth Horsemanship (12 & under): Taylor Holiman and Naomi (WCSC)
Horsemanship (17 & under) Colin Mattix and Lady (WCSC)
Open Gaited: Larry Grandberry and Mack (WCSC)
Open Western Pleasure: Nicole Narduzzi riding Huntin The Runway (WCSC)
Youth Barrels: Deana Becerra riding King (WCSC)
Junior Barrels (13-17) Bailee Todd on Jagger (WCSC)
Open Barrels: Prudy Jackett on Maxx (Covington SC)
Youth Speed (12 & under) Deana Becerra on Zorro (WCSC)
Youth Flags (12 & under): Deana Becerra on King (WCSC)
Junior Flags (13-17): Joanna Quinn on Dreamer (WCSC)
Open Flags: Travis Poole on Bugs (Covington SC)
Youth Poles (12 & under): Taylor Holiman on Naomi (WCSC)
Junior Poles (13-17): Fallon Fogarty on Gunsmoke (WCSC)
Open Poles: Heather Jackett, first on Toney, and second on Maxx (Covington SC)

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