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Dirty Harness Fun Day


Johnny Ruhl with his Dartmoor pony

Linda Grimes negotiating the cones course

Linda Sherrer driving her Shetland pony
By Kate Bushman

Marianna Cramer hosted a “Dirty Harness Fun Day” for Middle Tennessee Carriage Club near her farm in Castalian Springs, Tennessee on Saturday, October 18th, 2014.   There were ten carriage turnouts attending the event, pulled by an array of equines from minis to warmbloods, single and pairs.  There was also a good complement of members and interested people on foot.  The weather was warm and sunny for the driving portion of the day, and all agreed that Cramer’s farm is a fantastic place to have any size event!  A special treat was to see Johnny Ruhl driving his own pony – we so often just see him sorting out other people’s driving projects.

 Kate Bushman and Kathleen Carey-Plock set up a cones course in the roomy arena complete with bleachers for the on-foot folks.  Several Combined Driving type obstacles were set up using round bales of hay and a natural pine grove.  There were about 200 acres to drive over at our leisure – all freshly mown and remarkably bump free.  To encourage people to explore the full extent of the property, the drivers had to gather four wrapped playing cards along the driving route with a fifth card given out at lunch. As everyone headed back to the barn, there was a mock pleasure class in the ring, to help acclimate some of the green horses to being driven in a group.  Anyone who wanted to try their hand at the timed cones course got a chance to make a run through before lunch.

By the time a huge potluck lunch was being laid, the weather started clouding up and we added jackets added to our attire.  Kate handed out the final poker run card and the winner, determined by the best poker hand, received a very nice new canvas tote bag embroidered with the MTCC logo. 

After a brief club meeting, discussing how MTCC has had a great “come back” year, we decided we should do it all again in 2015 with much of the same events as in 2014 being planned.  All these events take a lot of planning and volunteers to make them a success.  So please, if you have time or skills that you can to offer to the club, please let Kate Bushman know.

The club thanks Marianna Cramer for hosting a great play day.

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