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Full Circle Equine Autumn Party


By Nancy Brannon, Ph.D.

“After 24 years running up and down this road” alone, Kakki Wright, DVM said, she has expanded her staff of veterinarians, vet-techs, and secretary to “come full circle,” improving health care services to all her equine patients and their owners. The November 1st , 2014 party was a celebration of not only the expanded staff and services, but also the newly expanded and improved physical facility. The barn has been doubled in size and lots of new tech equipment added for better diagnostics and treatment. Wright is well-pleased with her staff, facility, and the breathing space it allows her to now have time to take her daughter Kali to horse shows and to do a little horse showing herself. Her veterinary clinic is still plenty busy, but the work load is not as stressful.

The first cold snap and bit of frost didn’t keep clients, friends, and well-wishers away from seeing the clinic, meeting the staff, and enjoying the food and festivities. The Hog Wild/A Moveable Feast cooks brought various savory hors d'oeuvres and hot cider to warm guests, a meal completed by some of the best bread pudding and hot coffee that one could ever find in the south. Musicians Robby Davis and Bob Boccia provided their personalized blend of rock n’ roll favorites, as guests met new friends and chatted with old ones.

When interviewing potential veterinarians for her staff, some followed her around the clinic, Wright said, but she was impressed with Ellen Yungmeyer and Sarah Cates, “who walked shoulder to shoulder with me.” Wright went on to describe the difference in personalities of her two new veterinarians to her guests. She described Cates as very outgoing and Ellen Yungmeyer as more soft-spoken, so each offers a different kind of personality that appeals to a variety of Wright’s clients; some connect with Sarah and some connect with Ellen.

Sarah was delighting in the “crisp” cool evening’s air, since she is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and she came to the Memphis area from Wisconsin. Her equine experience includes 4-H, trail riding, and working with Thoroughbred race horses at the University of Kentucky, Lexington and their breeding programs, including foaling mares and working with foals. Her specialty interests are in performance horse medicine and emergency medicine.

Ellen Yungmeyer is the southerner of the team, growing up in east Tennessee and graduating from the University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine. She then spent time at Mississippi State University, completing an internship in equine medicine and surgery. [Wright is a graduate of Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine (1990).] Yungmeyer’s specialty interests are lameness, “eyes,” foal care – neonatology, and “scoping,” i.e., endoscopy and gastroscopy. One of the musicians got a “kick” out of Ellen’s comments about being interested in “scoping” and “eyes.”

Wright praised all her staff and pointed out Nora Land as always being ready for the next task. Nora is often seen at neighbor Ann Kimberlin’s farm and at nearly every Nashoba Carriage driving event. Land has been described as one of Nashoba’s most talented Junior drivers, and she often helps neighboring veterinarian and drivers Dr. Ruth and Joanna Wilburn with their talented Rollingwoods ponies.

Full Circle Equine Services offers a wide range of equine health care – from diagnostics to enhanced treatment tools, plus offers guides to horse owners about how to better care for their horses. Full Circle staff provide valuable information each month in the “Ask the Veterinarian” column in the Mid-South Horse Review. For more information on services, staff, and care guides, visit the website:

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