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Lucky Dog Barrel Race


JR Sullivan

Nicole Love

Kindyl Scruggs
Culminating the 2014 Lucky Dog barrel racing series, which began in March, was the Memphis, Tennessee Barrel Race at the Show Place Arena, December 5-7, 2014. For the eight-show series, Nicole Love is the top money winner and winner of the CM 2-Horse Trailer, the Martin Crown C saddle and other prizes. Shelby Duckett was the second highest money winner, also taking home the Red Bluff Trophy buckle and other prizes.

The last few shows were a close race between JR Sullivan and Nicole love as to who would be the top series winner. Nicole led for a while, then in November, JR took the lead. Nicole once again was a big winner in Memphis, but it came down to the last races on Sunday in Memphis to know who the champion would be. The 2014 1D final winner was JR Sullivan, taking home a Martin saddle and a jacket.

The 2D races were close, too, as mother Kim Matthews and her two daughters Jaylie and Taycie battled for the top spot. In the end, mother Kim was the top 2D winner, taking the Martin saddle and a jacket. Daughter Jaylie was second, earning a jacket and the Red Bluff buckle. Daughter Taycie tied for third with Julie Burnett. All in all, the Matthews barrel racing family earned great success in the Lucky Dog series!

Kim Matthews and her daughters have been barrel racing “practically all our lives,” said Kim. Kim is originally from Caruthersville, Missouri and is the daughter of horse trainer Jimmy Leek and his wife Betty. Her 13-year-old daughter Jaylie and 11-year-old daughter Taycie started riding when they were 5 and 3 years old, respectively. Kim bought a very nice mare this April and started barrel racing her in May at the Fort Smith show. She is 5-year-old futurity mare, A Lil Drop Of Candy, and was trained by Molly Montgomery. Taycie competed on two horses: Guys Streakin Angel and Firewater Pistol, whom she shares with sister Jaylie. Jaylie competes on her grandmother Betty Leek’s horse, The American Drifter, a 15-year-old gelding “we pulled out of the pasture,” said Kim. Jaylie also competes He Loves Cash and Moon’s Lil Hotrodder.

A sampling of winners from the Memphis show:

Friday Open winners: JR Sullivan on Reds Peppy Frost of Hattiesburg, MS (14.096); 2nd: Nicole Love, Fifth of Jack of Pelion, SC (14.957); 3rd: Kindyl Scruggs of Southaven, MS on Lookin At Lucky (14.983)

Friday Youth winners: 1D: JR Sullivan, Reds Peppy Frost (14.906); 2nd Taycie Matthews of Wynne, AR on Guys Streakin Angel (15.178); 3rd: Ashley Brooks of So Fulton, TN on Jane (15.284)

Friday Derby winner: Kim Matthews of Wynne, AR on A Lil Drop Of Candy (15.574); 2nd: Andy Wininger of Hendersonville, TN on Miss Nikk Bug (15.765); 3rd: Tena Spencer of Russellville, AR on Dash Set Fame (15.896).

Saturday Open 1D winners: Nicole Love of Pelion, SC on Buds Affair (14.930) 2nd: Corey Breedlove of Nashville, TN on Moneys Justa Perk (14.990); 3rd: Katie Brown of Waverly, TN on Red Makers Flit (14.997)

Saturday Youth 1D winners: Ashley Brooks and Jane (15.135); 2nd: Kenzley Wilson of Black Oak, AR on Aprils Driften Lark (15.246); 3rd: Taycie Matthews on Guys Streakin Angel (15.257).

Saturday Derby winners: JR Sullivan on Flitten To Fame (15.327); 2nd: Morgan Henning of Roseville, OH on Streakin Pridian (15.394); 3rd: Andy Wininger on Miss Nikk Bug (15.517).

Sunday Open 1D Results: Kindyl Scruggs on Blu3 (14.889); 2nd Mendy Williams of Hartsville, TN on Sweet Definition (14.896); 3rd: Grant Patterson of Chapel Hill, TN on Blue Ribbon Brownie (14.955).

Sunday Youth 1D winners: JR Sullivan and Flitten To Fame (15.068); 2nd Ashley Brooks and Jane (15.172); 3rd: Kenzley Wilson on Aprils Driften Lark (15.334).

Sunday Derby results: JR Sullivan, Flitten To Fame (15.068); 2nd: Andy Wininger and Miss Nikk Bugg (15.272); 3rd: Janis Wagner of Dry Ridge, KY on Peroni (15.282).

In the 1D Average, Kindyl Scruggs of Southaven, MS and Blue topped the list, with times of 15.090, 14.889 to average 14.9895 seconds. She won the money, the buckle and MVP product. In 2D, it was Kyley Campbell of Black Oak, AR riding My Peppy Ote; times 15.581 and 15.443 to average 15.512, winning the money, the buckle, and the MVP product.

Youth High Money winners: Taycie Matthews topped the list, taking home the top prize and the buckle. JR Sullivan was a close second, with Ashley Brooks coming in third.

Adult High Money winners: First was Grant Patterson, with Katie Brown second and Hailey Pettigo third.

Overall High Money winner was Nicole Love, with Kindyl Scruggs second and Katie Brown third.

Total Payout for the weekend was $64,656.85.

Photos from the barrel races available at Fessler Photography:

Full results of the weekend’s races available at:

The 2015 series begins again in Texarkana, AR at the Four States Fairgrounds, March 6-8.

Photos courtesy of Fessler Photography, Jim and Carrier Fessler. See more at:

About Fessler Photography: Starting our 19th year of action photography, specializing in Barrel Racing.  We love to travel and Carrie competes at most of the shows. Jim is retired from Heavy Construction and now drives a school bus and farms in his spare time. Carrie keeps the photos rolling out day after day after day. Both are very thankful they get to do what they love to do! 

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