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Pony Club Winter Camp


Pony Club Alumni Mary Burrows shows Abby Greene and Isabella Siegrist where the cavesson should lie on the horse skull.

The kids practice managing the lunge line while lungeing each other, as Lauren Kloek warms up her mount Sky.
By Vonna Reed, DC West Tennessee Pony Club

On the weekend of January 23-25, 2015 West Tennessee Pony Club hosted their 8th annual Dressage Weekend Winter Camp at the Mid-South Dressage Academy (MDA).  Each member had two lessons with MDA instructors Jamie Lawrence and Gabrielle Callahan.  When they weren't mounted, they were busy learning all about horses and practicing their pony club skills.

Some of the unmounted learning sessions this year included:

- leg wraps (polo, stable and shipping bandages), how to properly apply and theory behind their use
- how to ace your pony club formal inspection - presenting a polished look for rider, horse, and tack
- lower leg anatomy, using WTPC's dissected, preserved horse leg
- horse skull and teeth anatomy
- planning and discussing your warm-up session with an instructor or pony club examiner
- how to ride with “feel”
- how to manage your lungeing equipment - the line and the whip
- how to prepare a lesson plan for teaching an unmounted session
- a rousing game of "Who Wants to be a Pony Clubber?" after our Saturday night feast

This year’s camp focus was preparing for the next pony club rating/certification.  In past years, the pony clubbers have participated in quadrilles, vaulting, riding an actual dressage test with a judge, and incorporating dressage into their jumping.

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