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Delta Dressage Association News


By Peggy Gaboury

Honoring our commitment to support activities for Junior riders, Delta Dressage Association (DDA) is sponsoring a new series of classes at the dressage schooling shows in west Tennessee.

Junior Team Competition

DDA invites all farms, riding stables, and Pony Clubs in the west Tennessee area to send junior teams to any of our schooling show competitions.  A team can consist of 3-4 riders, riding at any level in dressage.  Teams are encouraged to come and have fun; dressage need not be anyone’s primary discipline.  For details on the team competitions, please contact Peggy Gaboury by email:  A full description of the competition will be posted on the DDA website:

Prix Caprilli

Prix Caprilli is essentially a dressage test with jumps included.  Competition will be offered at Intro, Training, and First Level tests.  Again, contact Peggy Gaboury for details.  The tests will be posted on the DDA website.

Equitation Division

An equitation focused division will be offered that combines a Rider Test score with the score from the Dressage Seat Equitation (DSE) class.

At the schooling shows, this division will be offered for walk/trot riders, using Intro Test B and a walk/trot DSE class.  For more advanced riders, this division will combine scores from the Rider Test at Training, First, or Second Level with the standard DSE class.

Equitation division championships will be offered at the Mid-South Dressage Academy (MDA) recognized shows for both juniors and adults.  We cannot offer walk/trot at a recognized show, so that will include only the more advanced riders.

Quadrille, Musical Freestyle And Pas De Deux

Classes for musical rides of 1, 2, or 4 riders will be offered at the schooling shows held at the Mid-South Dressage Academy (MDA).  Riders, whether as individuals or groups, need to bring their own music in a CD format.

Members of DDA will be happy to assist anyone wanting to try any of these competitions.  If you are unfamiliar with dressage competition, we can help with any and all questions, including admissible tack, how to dress, and how the whole thing operates.

Dressage Schooling Shows that offer the new divisions:
Some dates are tentative at this time, pending confirmation of judges.
March 28 or 29: at Mid-South Dressage Academy
May 16: at Mid-South Dressage Academy
May 30: at Southwind Stables
July 25: at Southwind Stables
Sept. 5 or 6: at Mid-South Dressage Academy
Oct. 31: at Mid-South Dressage Academy
Dec. 12 or 13: at Mid-South Dressage Academy

Recognized shows:

April 11-12:             Bunny Hop show at Mid-South Dressage Academy
May 9-10: Memphis in Spring time at Mid-South Dressage Academy
June 27-28: Summer Solstice show at Mid-South Dressage Academy
Nov 21-22: Turkey Trot show at Mid-South Dressage Academy

Contact information:

For Mid-South Dressage Academy:              For Southwind Stables:
Elizabeth Clifton                                          Emma Miller
901-277-8108                                              901-496-9384                

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