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WTPC Member Recognized For National Mall Barn Plan


By Vonna Reed and Tracy Carruthers

This year the U.S. Pony Club (USPC) announced an opportunity for upper level members to participate in plans to build a new barn for the US Park Police at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Overseeing the project is The Trust for the National Mall, founded in 2007 as the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service to restore, improve, and preserve the National Mall. The Trust invited Pony Club H-B and up members to submit a Barn Plan to be reviewed at The Trust’s 2015 Annual Meeting. The Pony Club members’ submitted Barn Plans were on display during the Annual Meeting. Members who participated in this project were recognized by the Trust for the National Mall.

Ani Blair, a C3 Pony Clubber from West Tennessee Pony Club submitted her plan for the new facility. In March, 2015 Ani received a personalized thank you letter from the Trust for the National Mall. The letter referenced specifically the elements they liked about her barn design: 

Thank you for providing both elevations and plan views of your vision for the USPP National Mall Horse Barn. The architectural character of the structure you are proposing looks like it would be a welcoming addition to the site. One of the goals of this project is to make the horses more visible to the public and the stables that you have envisioned would certainly draw attention; and be architecturally appropriate for the National Mall.

The letter went on to list other details they liked about her plan.

·         Site Layout and overall functionality of the design.
·         Solar Panels on the roof
·         Dormer windows and cupolas
·         Integrated water system
·         Private Horse Area. ....ideal for vet and farrier visits
·         Outdoor gathering space for instruction
·         Paddocks with shelters

Ani received a Certificate of Design Excellence from the Trust, which she greatly appreciates, as she spent many weeks working on this project. She also received a hard cover coffee table book, The Washington National Mall by Peter R. Penczer, for her submission.

Ani said this about her experience:  “I am greatly honored to be recognized by the National Mall for my barn plan! Pony Club provides young horse enthusiasts with life skills of riding and caring for your horse, responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, and even big projects like building and managing your own farm. I love that the National Mall and the fact that USPC presented this opportunity to upper level members, allowing participants to not only broaden interest, but to apply our hard earned skills."

The USPC announcement included remarks from Caroline Cunningham, President of the Trust for the National Mall. “We are delighted that the Pony Club has adopted the construction and design of the new U.S. Park Police Stables as a teaching case study for their students this year.”  

The detailed plan had to meet all of the requirements for the project and be submitted in a binder that included all the details.  A few of the requirements were:

- Provide a general floor plan of the barn showing location and size of stalls, aisle, feed/hay/bedding storage, tack room, bathrooms, grooming area, windows, doors, etc. 
- Align with National Park Service initiatives for environmentally friendly sustainable designs.
- Include a detailed sample schedule of daily facility care routine.
- Describe methods to eliminate or reduce flies and mosquitoes.
- Describe pasture management and manure management for the facility.
- Outline the routine farrier, veterinary and dental care routines.
- Include a detailed emergency plan for the facility with planning for potential crisis of both a general and a geographic nature.  The plan must include evacuation as well as contacts for associated aftercare. 

The current stable was built in 1976 as a temporary facility to house up to 20 horses. Many of the existing stalls are now used for storage, so there are only 13 stalls available for horses. The current stables are outdated, and the Police require more horses than the facility can handle.  It is located southwest of the Lincoln Reflecting Pool. The site is highly visible and the appearance and visual impact on the surrounding areas are tremendously important. The stable area will be expanded from the existing 0.5 acres to 4.5 acres.  

The project is just beginning, and is expected to cost $900,000 to develop a detailed plan just for building this new facility. The final project cost is expected to be $5 million.  

More information about the Trust for the National Mall Barn Plan Opportunity can be found at:

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