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True Confessions of a Horse Crazy Female


By Judy K. Fendley, with Brenna Fendley-Potter

I was born in Los Angeles, California. Through one of God’s great mysteries of life, I was one horse crazy little girl! I was enthralled by every horse I saw – on television, in books, magazines, even department store windows! Every night my dreams were filled with horses.

I came from a broken home and was constantly dealing with an alcoholic mother. One day, I had had enough and ran away from home. I ended up in Griffith Park at the stables, where they rented out horses for trail rides in the park and taught riding lessons. I think I tried to pet every horse I could reach. This got me promptly sent back home – in a police car! After several more rides back home with LA’s Finest, the owners of the stable decided I wasn’t going to stop, took pity on me, and concluded that they might as well put me to work.

With my mother’s permission, I was to come to the stable on Saturdays. They would teach me how to care for the horses and to assist with prepping the rental horses for the day’s trail riding customers. With God’s grace, this was the beginning of my lifelong love and career with horses.

Many years have passed, with well over a hundred children, adults, and horses trained. My life has been full and blessed with horses. I married my soulmate, have a wonderful daughter and many incredibly supportive extended family and friends. In what probably may be my last years of training, but still teaching and riding, I found myself still longing still for that “special” horse to come along just for me. Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

Enter Lex, aka Rollingwoods Easy Choice, who arrived at Rollingwoods Farm in Olive Branch, Mississippi in 2010. This “special” horse was extremely fearful and suspicious of everything and everyone.  The next year, still early in his training, Lex was injured.  His treatment regime took daily dedication if he was going to be sound again.  Every day, I treated his injury, brushed his coat to a lustrous shine, and softly spoke to him. Gradually, his fear and suspicion of me lessened and we built a mutual trust. He began to greet me when I arrived, or if he heard my voice, he replied with a soft nicker. My heart almost burst with joy and pride.

     By February 2012, his injury was 98% repaired and we began the slow process returning to training. Today, he is 100% cured and a successful, eye-catchingly beautiful show horse!

    When I reminisce, I think about my love of horses and the blessings it has brought me throughout my life: long lasting friendships, many students of all ages, and all the horses and ponies I have been privileged to influence. I relate it to God’s love for us and how He nurtures so many broken spirits through us, even our own.
Lex made his debut in the hunter ring at the MegFord Show March 28th.

Brenna Fendley-Potter is the proud daughter of Judy Fendley. “My mom rocks!” she says.
Dedicated in Loving Memory of Richard Maguire Fendley.

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