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Chetna Singh Scarves


For Chetna Singh, painting is a passion and an outlet for her. One day while working on a canvas, she thought it would be fantastic to wear the design, so the idea of “Art Scarves” was born in March 2013. The scarves are Chetna’s original artwork, digitally printed on pure Indian silk. The silk affords a luxurious feel, for coolnessl in the summer and warmth in winter.

Horses have always appealed to Chetna and she incorporates her love of horses with traditional designs. She started her new collection in 2014, the Year of the Horse.

Going back to her Indian roots, she loves the intricacy of the Henna designs. The “Henna Horse” was inspired by “Henna” or “mehndi,” as it is commonly know in the Indian subcontinent. The art is practiced widely over the world, and was believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. The intricate designs are made with the paste of dried ground henna leaves, and have been applied traditionally in the Indian subcontinent, in weddings, and other religious occasions. The original artwork is ink and pen on paper.

“The River Horse” is an original oil on canvas, with a herd of horses running free in the river. She debated calling it” Freedom,” but ultimately went with her favorite lead horse, as he seems to own the herd and the river.

Most of her scarves are standard 90 cm X 90 cm squares. But there are two long scarves in her collection. “Henna Horse” and “Yin and Yang” are both available in a longer version 60 cm X 180 cm. Chetna has shown in Fashion Week in NYC and the scarves can be found in boutiques and on line. See more at her website:

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