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Tennessee Equine Hospital Satellite Office Open


By Nancy Brannon

An old gas station/used car lot on Hwy. 64 at Hwy. 385 in Eads, TN has been totally transformed into a beautiful new equine health care facility, and folks are dropping by just to see the improvements. Tennessee Equine Hospital (TEH) has expanded its services from the middle Tennessee home base in Thompson’s Station to a satellite office in Eads, TN. Two veterinarians, Drs. Rilla Reese and Zach Bruggen, are full time at this facility, and plans are to rotate other veterinarians from the home base to this facility as well. The goal is to ensure that clients have access to all the veterinarians and services that TEH provides.

The horse care clinic includes the usual treatment room, but that’s where “usual” stops. The floor is paved with rubber bricks; there are fans in every stall; there is cross ventilation with the large overhead door and windows in all stalls; and behind the treatment area is a large covered arena where horses can be longed to check for soundness. Even on a mid-90 degree day, the barn was cool and comfortable, and the area immaculate.

There are cameras monitoring the barn area, plus the veterinarians can tap into the stall monitoring systems from their smart phones. There is an equine ambulance on site, so if a horse needs transportation to the surgery facility, they can transport the horse for the owner. “It’s just one less thing to worry about, especially if the client doesn’t have transportation for the horse,” said Dr. Reese.

The facility is equipped with a lab where in-house CBC (complete blood count) blood analysis can be done. They have vaccines and complete drugs for all circumstances. For analyses that can’t be done in-house, they use IDEXX labs in Memphis, so results are obtained quickly to diagnose the horse’s problems. One advantage is that they can get Coggins test results in two days. Here they can do x-rays, ultra sounds for reproduction, and upper airway scoping. They are also connected to the advanced diagnostics tools at the home base in middle TN. This translates into a “team” approach working for the client. “We have lots of resources available,” said Dr. Bruggen. In the future, they plan to have a regenerative lab here, so they can do PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and IRAP (Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein). “As of now, we do everything from Coggins to vaccines to teeth to lameness and reproduction services,” said Dr. Reese.

Both veterinarians emphasized that this is a 24/7 facility with a veterinarian on the premises. They don’t charge an emergency fee, so they encourage horse owners to call the veterinarian as soon as possible so the horse gets immediate treatment. If it’s at night or on the weekend, “call!” and don’t worry about extra charges, they said. They just have a standard call fee. After treatment, the veterinarians give follow up calls to check on the healing progress.

The veterinarians said they want to work with other veterinarians in the area, and offer the use of their facility to those who offer ambulatory care only. “They can use our stocks, blood work machines, whatever they need,” Bruggen said.
In addition to traditional veterinary medicine, Dr. Reese offers acupuncture and Dr. Bruggen is a chiropractor. Clint Childress is the assistant at the clinic who does everything from horse care to landscape maintenance. Folks are greeted by the ever-pleasant Katie White, who keeps track of all appointments, paperwork, billing, phone calls, and PR – you name it.

The Tennessee Equine Hospital satellite office is located at 12314 Hwy. 64, Arlington, TN 38002. Phone number is (901) 300-3830; email: Or visit their website:

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