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2021 Field Trial Review

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Current Month's Articles

Belmont Stakes»

Medina Spirit’s Second Drug Test Is Positive»

Arkansas Quarter Horse Stanford Happening»

Brownland Farm Nashville Shows»

Tennessean Dressage Shows»

Two UT Martin Cowboys Advance To Championship Round at 73rd Annual College National Finals Rodeo»

Western Region 4-H Horse Show»

Through Our Garden Gates»

Grand Prix of Germantown»

$15,000 Open Jumper Welcome Stake [Class 509]»

Lead Line»

Paso Fino Pleasure_Amateur Owner [Class 650]»

Paso Fino Performance Championship»

Open Paso Fino Pleasure [Class 628]»

Amateur Owner Paso Fino Performance Championship»

Pony Hunter Classic»

Youth Speed Racking»

Speed Racking Horse Grand Championship»

Open Speed Racking»

GCHS Stick Horse Race»

Versatility Challenge»

Costume Class at the Germantown Charity Horse Show»

ASB Western Country Pleasure»

American Saddlebred $2,000 Western Country Pleasure Championship»

$5,000 WIHS/NAL Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic»

Driving at the Germantown Charity Horse Show»

Carriage Dog Class»

The Family of Sonny Foster Scurry Races»

Carriage Gambler’s Choice»

Carriage Barrel Racing»

Gambler’s Choice»

$5,000 David Q. Wright Memorial Germantown Hunter Classic»

Gypsy Vanner Three Gaited Championship [Class 712]»

Gypsy Vanners at Germantown»

Latcho Lou Gypsy Vanner Liberty Championship»


Walking Horses at the GCHS»

TWH $600 Flat Shod Youth Championship [Class 711]»

TWH All Day Pleasure, Youth Riders»

Iroquois Steeplechase»

Josh Guin Rides at Circle E Guest Ranch»

Lucky Dog Barrel Races»

Virtual Extreme Mustang Makeover Names Adult and Youth Champions»

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